Shining Moments

Jun 5, 2013

God continues to work behind the scenes every day to provide for you

to provide for me.

Years ago when I was preparing to adopt as a single

many folks raised questions.

“How are you going to raise a teenager?”

I don’t know.

“How are you going to manage working and also raise a child?”

I don’t know.

“Just suppose she get’s really sick, how in the world will you afford that?”

I don’t know.

No one had to remind me of my weaknesses and limitations.

My trembling heart and knocking knees gave visible evidence to that.

But my faith wasn’t about me

or my limited, very meager resources

It was

and always has been about Him and in the King of kings.

Going against all my previous ideas of how I’d become a mother

I followed the Cloud

halfway around the world

and discovered that He is more than we can ask or think.

He is Faithful.

My faith was in the One Who called me

and who whisper to my fainting heart, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.”

Today when I look around my table

I see two precious daughters whom I would never have known

if I had not followed Him

by faith.

Sometimes in the dark of the night I wonder

what life would have been like


I had not followed Him?

Oh, what joys I would have missed.

Faith is a gift God gives to those who know and believe in Him.

It’s living not by feelings or emotions

but with confidence in Him as revealed by the Spirit and the Word.

Is your faith being challenged today?

Keep your eyes focused on Him.

Our trust is that no matter how things might look to us

God is working. He knows and sees all.

And His love wraps all our failings and mistakes with cords of red

transforming them into opportunities of growth and gold in our lives

Along with the hymn writer

our trembling hearts say

My faith looks up to Thee.

May Thy rich grace impart

Strength to my fainting heart

My zeal inspire.

As Thou hast died for me

O may my love to Thee

pure, warm and changeless be

a living fire.

Every faith stretching moment becoming another step to show our love for Him.


always trusting, my friend,

that the One Who calls will provide our every need.

Let’s keep pressing forward!




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