Shining Moments

Jun 7, 2013

Simply trusting.

Letting the Lord of life

work in our lives for good and His Glory.


So much easier to talk about than to do.

Memories of myself doing the overhead monkey bars.

Eyeing my destination

letting go

and grabbing the next. Swinging back and forth in the air.

Always struggling with the letting go.

Looking down; fearing that fall

Squeezing tightly to the bar I had in my hands.

Trust Me, He whispers so gently.

We can trust Him above all.

People may fail us but Jesus never.

No, the Great I Am is forever Faithful.

My thoughts wonder to those who have taken steps forward in trust

only to experience challenges beyond their abilities to understand.

Parents who have adopted and need the prayers and support of others to help them.

Ones in jobs that test them day after day. Difficult relationships.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart”

Learning to let go and allow Him to lead.

Walking it

one day at a time.

Listening to the Wind of the Spirit

and allowing Him to move us at His Will.

Hanging onto those monkey bars

I learned quickly

that I must not look down.

That was the end if I did.

No, I had to steel my focus on the goal.

The destination.

A few more bars.

Letting go

grabbing the next. Swinging right and left

until finally I was there. Shining moments.

Life lessons to heed.

Eyes on the goal.

Take my life, Lord, and let it be

consecrated to Thee.

Simple prayers of trust

and then expecting Him to answer.

Faith building moments

Faith growing opportunities.

Leaning on His everlasting Arms that cannot fail.

But I never know that until I take the first step.

















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