Shining Moments

Jun 14, 2013

I never expected to be a single parent.

No, my dream had always been to be married,

living in a small home

with lots of smiling, rosy cheeked children looking out the windows.

But life for me upfolded in a different way

and I became a single parent.

Now I knew in advance that I would be challenged.

Parenting is always a challenge

because kids are kids

adorably wonderful but sometimes messy kids

going through their own stages and issues.

Single parenting is all that and more.

It’s super challenging, demanding one’s very best,

without another parent to play tag team

or just give you a breather at times.

But the essential factor for me

has been that request I made to the Lord

many years ago.

“If you give me a child to raise for You,

please, Father, help me.”

He heard my prayer and continues to answer it.

From the beginning He was their Father.

We speak of Him all the time.

When I am tired

I go to Him for strength.

When I need wisdom

I seek it from Him.

When I need patience

I turn to Him again.

Again and again He supports me as I parent.

There is a chair at our table where He sits.

Only a limited picture, I know,

but a constant reminder

that my daughters do have

a mother

and a wonderful, 24/7 loving, all-knowing Father.

And while Father’s Day might be a time

to think about  what we do not have

we celebrate Him.

Hearts overflowing,

hang the streamers time,

wave the banners

lift our voices in song.

His Banner over us is Love

and we must never, never forget it.

Humbly we bow before Him

seeking His Help and constant Presence.

So if you know another single parent family

or someone without a father in their life

remind them of the  Unseen One.

The One Who calls us to Himself

and whispers

“I know you by name

and you are Mine.”

Celebrate your fathers

and put your hand in the One Who will always be there for you.


  1. Barbara Snyder

    Beautiful pictures. You are an inspiration to me.

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Barbara. And yes you continue to inspire me! Thank you for leaving a comment.


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