Shining Moments

Jun 26, 2013

Whatever you’re dreaming and longing for

will you lay it down

and let it die?

It is in dying that we live.

It is in laying it down that we begin to see that God is God

and He satisfies.

God alone.

I dreamed for a marriage that would honor Him.

but I had to lay it down.

I dreamed for a child in Ukraine.

But that dream had to die.

Empty arms and grieving I came home

and waited

and prayed.

The world calls our broken dreams – failures

but God sees them as the beginning of something new.

I’ve been crucified with Christ…. Galatians 2:20

Death proceeding  life

My way being laid down at His Feet

Waiting and discovering that He is there when all else fails.

He is there when everything else crumbles at our feet.

Beginning to understand that His thoughts are not our thoughts.

His Way becoming mine.

Thy Will be done, Lord.

Peace and eventually a new direction.

Coming home with a precious little girl from Russia.

Opening a practice in my own community.

Making new friends.

Discovering that the God of New Beginnings does all things well in His Time.

Nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in Me.

Deep truths that continue to call me to laying down all of my dreams

and waiting upon Him.

His Plan

His Time

His Way

and always His sweet Will.




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