Shining Moments

May 24, 2012

Let’s just admit it. Life can be very hard at times.

There are things we have no control over.

But we can control our own perspective.

Our perspective lined up with truth

   controls our actions and then feelings.

If you think of today as building a sundae

    I’m placing a cherry on mine.

How about you?

Sure, its cloudy outside.

Errands to run. Appointments to keep.

Papers to write. Bills to pay.

But this is not any ordinary day.

No, today pulsates with life.

I have never experienced today

   And I want to give it my very best.

      My very best for the King.

I quickly review the gifts all around me

  My daughters,

   My family

     Our pets,

       Our home,

          All the friends I know and dearly love

   And most of all, Jesus

       Who walks and talks with me.

Together we will live this day to our best.

Spreading sunshine wherever we go.

Being sensitive to the needs all around

   And deliberately reaching out and touching another

     Loving and caring and sharing myself

Singing His Song wherever I go.

But sundaes need whipped cream.


    So that means ordinary becomes extraordinary as I intentionally connect with another

      Meet the eyes of the clerk at the counter

         Smile and say “Good Morning”

             Offer to carry that bag of groceries for the woman as she walks across the street.

And sundaes need cherries.

And I’m planning to meet with a new friend and spend time together.

Hearts beating together

Sharing life and love.

Yes, that’s my plan of having an extraordinary day.

Sure, there will be surprises along the way.

My day might have a nut or two

  But I’ll chop them up and they’ll add flavor too

   Everything serves His Purpose

      When we let it His have it.

But when I intentionally plan to make it a cherry topped day

That changes everything.

How about you?

A cherry topped day for you?



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