Shining Moments

Aug 13, 2013

Have you ever felt the pain of being passed by?

Ever known the sadness of watching someone who could help-

just walk on by?

Years ago I was jogging back to my home on a late Saturday morning.

Suddenly I tripped and fell down hard

sprawling on the slate sidewalk.

The shock of the fall left me stunned for a few minutes.

Cars continued to go back and forth

but no one slowed –

No one rolled down the window to ask if they could help.

I remember that as I lay there in pain both knees bleeding

I couldn’t believe how they just continued to drive on by.

To tell the truth, that hurt far worse than the physical pain.

But it was a good pain.


Because I had a first hand experience of what it feels like to have a genuine need

and  to be passed by.

Again a few years later, I remember the helplessness I felt standing in the crowded

Frankfurt airport needing help,

Yes, desperately needing help and asking for it

only to have one person after another pass me by.

But He never passes anyone by.

No, God is always Faithful

and He continues to teach us the importance of opening our eyes to see the needs of others.

No matter how it might seem

He sees our deepest need

and He cares.

He is never too busy,

or afraid to get involved.

He loves with an incredible love.

So as you live one day at a time, look around you.

Who could use a hand or two?

Who needs a word of encouragement or a visit?

Step into life,

resist that tendency to simply 00003pass on by.

As we give our lives away, we  discover our true purpose.



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