Shining Moments

Aug 15, 2013

And He made a way

where there was no way. I read those words this morning and they touched my heart.

His path. A path that no one knew was there. Psalm 77:19

Have you ever tried to figure something out?

Tried to unknot a relationship mess-

Worked to locate a job when there seems to be none-

Struggled to discover treatment for an illness when the doctors say there is none-

Crunched and crunched the figures only to discover that there is simply not enough money?5178_1096508491808_1899847_n

But God makes a way where there is apparently no way.

Yes, shining moments all over.

Reality says there is no way.

Statistics say there is no hope.

Experts proclaim that it is impossible.

But God,

our wonderful and mighty God, only laughs.

He made a way through the sea,

He closed the mouths of lions,

He gave a son to Abraham and Sarah

And He is the same today.

Yes, He never changes.

I sometimes find myself scratching my head when I see no possible solution

or I read the grim predictions. Yes, there are days when all I can do

is to fall at His feet and pour out my heart seeking Him.

God lovingly reminds us in His Word

that His Way leads through the sea where there is no visible way.

No wonder it looks impossible.

We are on holy ground. Shining moments all over.

Let’s no become discouraged or defeated.

No let’s open our eyes and wait upon the Lord.

He is never late. He will make a way where there is no way.

Believe Him today, my friend.



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