Shining Moments

Aug 16, 2013

heaven on earth 1Impossible.

I hear it screaming through the airwaves. Voices abound proclaiming doom and gloom

But our God lives and He is Faithful.

Just watch.

You’ll see.

I oftentimes think how it must have been for the Israelites as they approached the Red Sea.

Chariots and horses were closing in behind them as they hurried along.

Before them the vast sea with no possible way.

Behind them the Egyptians.

No places to hide; no trees to climb; nowhere.

I’ve been in that place. Have you? Maybe you are there right now.

When the walls are closing in upon you and time is running out

don’t look around. Look up.

My pulse races as I think about how panic stricken those people must have been.

They didn’t expect it to turn out this way.

If only, if only, if only – can you hear their racing thoughts.

From the youngest to the oldest they were at the end.

But when all seemed impossible and there seemed to be no way

God stepped in and made a way where there was no way.

The winds kicked up a fury and the churning waters  pushed back in mighty walls revealing a path

Where there had been no path minutes before.

With the sound of those dreaded chariot wheels coming closer and closer and closer

the people  began to hurry along that path – God’s provision.

Hearts racing, gasping for air they moved along.

How long would the path remain?

As long as it took for His people to get to the other side.

God’s perfect timing.

My spirit soars with wonder every time I think of it. He saved them! He made a path where there was no path.

And isn’t that just what we need today?

So many are waiting on Him. Time racing out, clock ticking the slow, dreaded minutes

getting closer and closer to the end.

Where do you turn when you are terrified?

You look ahead and see impossibilities.

You look behind and see the chariots coming closer and closer.

Wait! Slow it all down!

That doctor’s word  is not the last word. No, God loves the word impossible.

Time after time He shows us that all things are possible with Him.

Moment after agonizing moment He breathes on this frightened world

whispering words of peace and hope and drawing us to lean into His Loving Arms.

Are you there at this moment?

Take comfort in this –

Only believe. God’s Ways are not ours. Our God is able to do what man can never understand.

Let’s humble ourselves and bow before our King surrendering all of our ways and feeble ideas

And then rise again trusting Him to do whatever His loving Will declares.

Exciting moments; Opportunities to see like never before

That He is Who He says He is

And He does what He says He will do.



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