Shining Moments

Aug 28, 2013

Sometimes it begins with a subtle nagging

a sense that something is just not right

that there is more

something more that you must do  or be or discover.

Deep within you is more potential that you can imagine.

God created you that way

but all too often we settle for less

far less.

Yes, we become comfortable and settled in our lives.

Change is hard. Very hard.

This past week I was jogging early in the morning

when suddenly I saw a gorgeous yellow and blue butterfly on the pavement.

I stopped and walked over to it. There’s something wrong about a butterfly on the ground.

It was meant to be flying and flitting from flower to flower.

It’s easy to see what the purpose of a butterfly is

but unfortunately we oftentimes don’t see our own.

There is a butterfly deep within and you were39224_13957sunrise made for more than the ground.

But how do you release the butterfly within?

First, become aware that there is more.

You were created for a purpose far beyond what you can see and grasp.

Second, be willing to get a coach to help you discover your strengths and your unique purpose.

Third,  take a step of courage to dream that with God you can.

Some of you reading this blog have done exactly that.

You noticed that subtle nagging and knew that there was more.

You longed to release that butterfly within yourself

and you began to explore what the change was all about.

There is nothing more exciting than in working with someone and seeing them begin a new chapter in their life. Seeing them begin to discover the butterfly that is within them.


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Remember, life looks completely different from the view of a butterfly.


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