Shining Moments

May 28, 2012

The bands marched with precision as they proceeded down the street in front of our home in Saugerties, NY. I had the best seat of all and as I watched the Memorial Day parade.

Flags all over the place.

Then they stopped at the corner. Right in front of our house at 202 Washington Ave.

Everyone held their breath.

The drum major lifted his hands and then as if on cue

     he waved furiously

        and the instruments played with gusto.

             My eyes wandered back and forth taking it all in.

As a girl of seven

    it all seemed magnificent. Crowds and crowds stood to watch and listen.

They played on and on

   The silver shiny flutes, clarinets and trumpets.

    Those handsome French horns

Oh I loved it all.

But all too soon the music ended

   A whistle was blown and the band continued to march on

But I was never dismayed for long

No, right behind them was another huge band coming down the street.

Soldiers marched in uniform

Flags and more flags.


Memories of the Memorial Day parade also drift back to Owego, NY

where we lived on Front Street.

Right in front if our house they would march

For a few glorious years my brother and I played

  In the high school marching band.

He played clarinet and I played the flute.

March  two three four

Drum majors directing

Excitement and cheers all along the way.

But a memory carefully cherished

  Is watching this elderly man marching down the street

        carrying the American flag

     Everyone stood and cheered

There wasn’t a dry eye anywhere.

Colorful floats

Marching guards.

Band after band in strict precision.

Thankfulness forAmerica’s freedom overflowed.

It had come with a price.

It always does.


Memorial Day is more than a picnic

       a cookout

          or even a parade.

The heart of the day runs much deeper than that.

Many gave their lives so that we could enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Let’s never forget.

      the price that was paid.

As time keeps marching on and on and on.


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