Shining Moments

May 29, 2012

I was with a few ladies recently and the conversation turned to women who had greatly influenced our lives. Immediately a picture came to my mind.

I was a young child at the time.

It was evening and I was

 looking for my mother. So I went to my parents’ bedroom

 and quietly pushed open the cracked door.

There kneeling beside the bed was my dear mother.

 Head bowed. Hands clasped.

I looked for a few seconds and then sensing that she was not to be disturbed

   I slowly pulled the door closed and went back to my room.

A quiet image of a life surrendered to God.

I was to see my mother kneeling beside her bed

     on other occasions as I grew to womanhood.

It was always hard for her because of the polio but that was how she wanted to pray.

Through good times and hard.

Times of plenty and times of want.

Prayer was an essential part of her life.


A shining moment in an ordinary day.


Prayer, that vital communication between a soul and God,

    is essential to living a life of peace, purpose and passion.

Taking the time

     Making the time

         To spend with Him.

              Drawing near so that He will draw near to you. (James 4:8)

Humbling ourselves

    And coming into His Presence with open hands and heart

      Expecting to receive.

And knowing that you will never be turned away.

No busy signals or automated voice messages.


Kneeling was more common years ago it seems

  But I still find it helps my intimate conversations with God.

Empty I come

    But always rise filled.

That memory inspires me today to continue to pour my heart out

     to the Lord.

Come into His Presence with thanksgiving in your heart

    and give Him praise.

One certainly need not kneel to be heard, to experience the joys of communion

    with the King of Kings.

But it’s a shining moment as I remember that precious example

      of prayer from so long ago.


  1. Kady Teeple

    What an example your mother was to you…..just as you are to your girls. You are leaving a legacy for them.

    • heartprintscoaching

      Yes and you to your girls too, Kady. We pass the blessing on in everything we do never realizing the total impact. Thanks for commenting!


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