Shining Moments

May 31, 2012

When faced with a huge task it’s important to focus on each small step forward.

I went back to school when I was 45 and my daughter was a year old.

I loved teaching first grade.

The best of years. Teaching my bright-eyed six and seven year old.

Every day an adventure.

But I knew there was something more God wanted me to do.

After much prayer I began working on a master’s degree in counseling

Juggling a teaching career, masters work and raising my little one was difficult.

Two nights a week after teaching a full day

    I traveled 45 miles to Charlottesville.

The routine was always the same.

Grab my purse and bag loaded with papers and work to be done,

   drive south

   stop at MacDonald’s for one small cup of coffee and  large fries

take my class

  and then drive home through the silent darkness

 arriving about 11 o’clock.

I’d quietly open the door so as not to awaken my little girl who was sleeping upstairs.

My dear faithful sitter would whisper a few words

    Catching me up on the last few hours

    And then slip out the door and into her car.

I would place my belongings on the table

   Glance quickly through the mail

    and the tiptoe up the stairs.

Walking into her room

   My heart would beat excitedly

     My joy- this precious little baby girl.

And I would bend over the crib l

  listening to her soft breathing

  whispering a prayer of thanks

Suddenly her head would pop up

  I would step back

  And she would look around as if to say

 “Where are you, Mommy?

    I know you’re here somewhere.”

Then her eyes would meet mine

      And she would quickly sit up and stand by the side of the crib.

All my tiredness would instantly fade away

     The long day, the assignments needing to be done

I would reach out my arms and she would come to me

    Giggling and bouncing happily

Lifting her out of the crib

  I could smell the scent of baby powder and clean softness

And we would dance

    Yes dance around the darkened bedroom


A glorious shining moment in the midst of a very long day.

Although those days have long since passed.

we still dance

    twirling with gladness and joy

    celebrating life

    dancing now with two.

Enjoy the dance. Hold onto the moments.

Let them fill your soul with joy overflowing.

His plan is to bless you as you journey with Him.

Fountains of blessing

   Joyous moments.







  1. clpprbarth

    I’m thankful that you made the sacrifice for the change you have made in my life! Thank you!


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