Shining Moments

Jun 2, 2012

Some days simply leave me feeling wrapped in wonder as I ponder pulsating life

and the mysteries of grace.

The other day my girls and I went to a big supermarket. I had only been there maybe once before.

We were excited as we slowly made our way up and down the aisles.

    oohing and awing at this thing or that.

Healthy food options.

Delicious bakery selections

  and flowers. I just couldn’t get over the beautiful flowers.
I grabbed some daisies and turned to push the cart towards the checkout.

So many decisions. More options than I was used to.

Checkout without clerk. Or with.

I pushed the cart towards the line with a clerk.

Express or regular.

 But as I proceeded to pay for my items my eyes wandered to the next aisle.

     An elderly lady spoke loudly enough to be clearly heard by everyone in the vicinity.

         “It’s an express line.”

I looked at the young woman in front of her.

 “Oh I’m sorry,” I saw her turn and say.

But the elderly lady was not to be soothed. She frowned even more.

“The sign says,” and she pointed upwards.

She was clearly upset

    and I felt terrible for both women.

The truth was she was probably right. The young woman probably was over the exact number.

But then something amazing happened. The clerk looked at her, smiled a smile that brightened the whole store with its glow and said quietly but loud enough for me to make out.

  “It’s alright.”


I glanced back at the elderly lady and saw her fixed frown of displeasure.

Clearly this was not her day.

I wished that there was something that could have eased the uncomfortable situation.

Unintentional accidents will happen.

Life is filled with them.

But what a difference it would have been if she would have been able to receive the heart-felt apology and given grace.

Grace, that marvelous quality of  kindness and forgiveness, just because…

       Is so needed in our world, isn’t it.

I have often said

   “We might think we are right, but we are wrong if we harbor a grudge.”

We are wrong if we cling to unforgiveness in our hearts.

Wrong to give back meanness in return even if we feel justified.

Jesus said

      “Love your enemies.

           And pray for those who persecute you.” Matthew 5:44.

So where was the shining moment?

It was the brilliant smile of that dear cashier.

     She wrapped grace around the one woman with a smile that lit up the store.

      She wrapped grace around the other when she turned to serve her.

It’s all about grace.




         Good will

Can I carry your bag of groceries today?

Or help you in any way?

Are you in a hurry and need to go first?

Yes, please go first and remember

     Jesus loves you and wants to carry all your burdens.

       Today and every day.





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