Shining Moments

Jun 4, 2012

Summer means vacations

           and lemonade stands

                 and fun.

From as far back as I can remember I have loved summertime.

It sparkles and shines with shining moments

     too many to tell.

But one that continues to brighten up many a day

    is the time I took Noelle to York Beach, Maine for the very first time.

She was three.

As we approached another summer my heart longed to take her

     to the most beautiful place in the world. For me.

There was no way that I could drive that long distance

  and airfare was high.

But I prayed. And prayed. And prayed some more.

 I knew that God was more than able to provide the money

       and make a way for me to take her.

Then one day I got an idea.

A crazy idea to be sure.

There was one thing I had that would certainly bring me a

    enough money

        if I sold it.

I knew that it would be hard to part with it.

So many memories.

So much heart.

The more I prayed I knew that it was time

     to let go of the past and embrace today.

Within minutes of deciding to sell it

     a pile of dollars was placed in my hand.

I gulped, thanked the Lord, bought 2 roundtrip tickets that very day

      and told my three year old

  “We are going to Maine!”

That trip was so much fun. I’ll never forget it.

Flying with her on the big plane.

Seeing her excitement as she looked out the windows.

Most of all, watching her run squealing across the Portland airport

    when she saw

       Nana and Papa

           waiting for us.

A little glimpse of heaven I thought at the time.

Today more than 16 years later

     I know that God gave me a priceless insight

          into the joyful reunions we will experience when we get to Glory.

I could have missed that experience had I clung to the past.

In order to live fully each day

     we must be willing to let go

            and receive His Gifts today.

Wherever you are

     whatever you are experiencing

           give yourself permission to let go

                you will always cherish the good memories, the sacred ground that was there,

         and embrace today fully

                with joy

                  head back laughing into the wind.

Because He lives

    I can face tomorrow and all the tomorrows

         Because He lives

             all fear is gone.

Trust Him today and live, my friend.

Bask in the holy moments of now

     Proclaim your praise to God.


  1. yashikibuta

    Hi! Check out my latest post. I just nominated you for A Lovely Blog award and Very Inspiring Blogger award 🙂

    • heartprintscoaching

      Oh what wondrous joy is up ahead, Bonnie. Arms embracing, voices raising, love enfolding us together with Him.


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