Shining Moments

Jun 6, 2012

D-Day June 6, 1944.

Before I was born but still remembered by some.

I listened as my Dad spoke about it trying to imagine him in his army uniform

      21 years old

      so young

160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50 mile stretch of heavily fortified

French coastland.

to fight the Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy,France.

Reading the quote by General Eisenhower speaking of the invasion as

a crusade in which

“we will accept nothing less than full victory.

The D-Day cost was high

   more than 9,000 allied soldiers were either killed or wounded.

The cost of victory.

My Dad came home

      eventually married my mother

        giving birth to me a few years later.

“I’m glad that you lived,” my youngest said upon listening to him share his D-Day story.

“Where would I be?”

My heart often wanders back in history

   Wondering where any of us would be

if there had not been great sacrifice

    so that we might live free.

The price of freedom is high.

We will accept nothing less than full victory.

It is only with that kind of commitment

  that victory is ever won.

In our personal lives let there not be mediocre attempts

      and faint hearted efforts to succeed.

No, rather let there be that laser focus

      that wholehearted surrender to God

      that declares “I will accept nothing less than full victory….


With that kind of determination

   We too will see results.

The Truth will set you free. John 8:32

He always does as we surrender our lives over to Him. Everything changes.

Freedom at last bringing

Life changing results that will impact the lives of generations after us.

Giving shining moments to many

Lighting up our world with victory.


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