Shining Moments

Jun 8, 2012

Many years ago when Noelle was very young  I longed to take her to see the ocean.

It had been a while since I had gone and a trip  to Maine was completely out of the picture.

But Virginia and North Carolina have some delightful beaches so I decided to take her to Nags Head. I’ll never forget her big eyes as she looked out over that wide ocean as I held her in my arms.

Brown eyes dancing.

Arms and feet wiggling with pure joy.

She was only one at the time and I didn’t know how much she would be able to enjoy it.

But children are simply amazing, aren’t they?

She made all my efforts well worth it.

Nana went along with us and I can still remember those moments of sitting on the beach towel watching Noelle eat saltines.

Hands sandy even though wiped off. Black curly hair dancing in the breeze.

Smiling this big smile as she ate one cracker after another.

Trying to be so still at night in hopes that she would drop off to sleep

    and then by the time she fell asleep

     it was too late..

     so had we.

Early mornings up

Breakfasts- always asking for orange juice, her favorite.

While at the beach I paid to have her silhouette drawn and mounted on black paper.

It hangs still in our kitchen today reminding us of that special time so very long ago.

One said to me this week these powerful words

 “Time is love.”

How very true. When we love someone we will make the time to share experiences and build memories.

All too often though we forget how quickly time goes by

  and how fast our children grow.

I have never regretted taking that trip.

It speaks to me again and again of the importance of seizing the day,

   scheduling the vacation

   not allowing ourselves the option to put it off

       for a later time.

That later day may never come.

Today is the day to go on that trip…just because,

                       buy everyone ice cream cones

                       play the games

                           and to hold your children and grandchildren close.


Do it today.

You’ll never regret it.



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