Shining Moments

Jun 8, 2012

It’s evening. The sun is slipping down in the west, the birds are singing their nighttime songs and I’m rejoicing again

to be alive

to sense the Joy of His Presence

to be touching your life.

I long to hold the moment. All the precious moments.

To stop the clock for just a while

    Because I see how fast it all is going.

Do you ever wish that?

Here today

    Gone tomorrow

But all of life pulsating with His Grace

        All of it.

Please Lord, help me never to take for granted

      the sacred moment of life.

      Help me to remember You

      To give myself to singing Your praises

          Like the birds do that sing outside my window

White eyelet curtains moving in the cool evening breeze.

Children’s’ voices laughing 

       In the warmth of summer

Another day.

Another opportunity to know Him more fully.

With arms outstretched I long to reach to you

      To be lifted high above the problems, pain and pressures of life

          And to feel Your healing Touch.

Evening. A sacred embrace of love.


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