Shining Moments

Jun 14, 2012

Make new friends

But keep the old.

One is silver and the other gold.


I remember singing this at camp many years ago

Looking around at all the smiling new faces

Excited to be making new friends


I feel that same anticipation today

  looking forward to spending time

   with some new friends

    out on their farm.

Smiles galore

Warm embraces

Laughter and shared experiences.

The wonders of new life all over the place.


 and baby goats

  and more

  yes, so much more.

 Sitting on their front porch breathing in the country air

 Talking and getting to know you better time


We sang the old chorus in first grade many years ago

   as my students got to know each other better

   laying a foundation for friendships that often lasted for years  and years and years.


A circles round

It has no end

That’s how long

I’m gonna be your friend.


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good friend, is there?

One to laugh with

    and maybe cry with

One to encourage and support through the good times and the bad.

Friendship is God’s idea.

I thrill when I read of the close friendship between David and Jonathan. (I Sam 18:1-3)

It is sadly true that although most people long for a close friend

 few ever find one.

Our fast paced, often moving society leaves little time and energy for building friendships.

We are becoming an increasingly private society.

‘A friend is someone who comes in when the whole world has gone out.’

Yes, David had a friend who came in when it seemed the whole world had gone out.

He experienced that God given joy of being known and accepted for himself.

Shining moments all around.

Your friendships bless me greatly even though many of you live miles away.

I think of you as I blog.

I pray for you during the sometimes long night hours.

God longs to not only be your best Friend

  But He also knows your need for friends.

Look around you

   someone is needing a friend today.

Let the Light of His Love lead you to take that next step.

You just might discover a new beautiful friendship

     that will brighten your days with love and care.

Make new friends

   But keep the old

Have a great day, dear friends.

I’m holding you in my heart.






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