Shining Moments

Jun 16, 2012

It’s strange how just a smell, an aroma

   can become a shining moment on an ordinary day.

For me, the smell of burnt toast causes a flood of emotions.

As a young girl I have memories of my Dad getting up for work quite early.

He would often be gone by the time I got up

    but I could always tell his presence

    by the smell of the burnt toast.

Yes, Dad liked it his bread very toasted.

Toasted so dark that you might well call it burnt.

The aroma of burnt toast on a cold winter day

   brings a sense of safety and stability for me.

And many times when we would all pile into the car

   Early in the morning

    To go on a vacation

       or some other kind of trip

       or even to go to church

my dad would be balancing two slices of burnt toast

      with a smidgen of butter

as he crawled into the driver’s seat.

Sitting behind in the backseat

  my mouth would be watering

  as I breathed in that familiar, comforting aroma.

God also surrounds us with fragrances today.

Have you ever noticed?

He wants us to sense His nearness

     He longs for us to draw near to Him

         To know the sound of His Voice

              Yes, in a world filled with distractions and clamor

He often uses our senses to remind us of Him.

Newly cut grass



         burning leaves

            baby powder

              and even burnt toast.

Oh, you can probably think of more

But those aromas all lead us Home

    to the joy of Our Heavenly Father

       Who promises to never leaves us or forsake us.

On a day in which we celebrate Father’s Day

   my girls and I also honor the One Who continues  to Father us

      through all the twists and turns of life.

The One Who holds us in His Hands each and every day.

Father’s Day, it brings to mind so many thoughts

   but let them all turn our hearts toward Home

    and may our eyes be lifted upward


      in thanksgiving to the Lord Who is our Eternal Father

      spanning all time from yesterday to all our tomorrows.

      Everything serves His Purpose.




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