Shining Moments

Jun 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day.

     My girls giggle and smile as they remind me of all those fatherly things I do.

Happy Father’s Day, Mom.

     I smile with a grateful heart

         as I look out at a world with so many mothers carrying the heavy load

              of both father and mother to their children.

While it was a choice for me to single parent

    many, many women were left

    to love, care and somehow raise their precious children.

It is difficult to be a single parent. So very difficult.

You name it….it’s up to you.

Providing, protecting,

   preparing your children for life as it is

       not as you wish it was

  day after day




 all the while

     keeping up with the chores, your job,

     the breakdowns

     the problems

wondering sometimes how you will manage

    knowing not to look too far ahead.

Yes, the single mother is often overlooked


     and misunderstood.

Running low on time, energy and money

   She is a master at cutting corners,

          creatively planning

           and putting a smile on difficult things.

While browsing the rows of cards for Father’s Day

    my heart raced to send all you single mothers a

     special card

       an encouraging note

       a giant well done.

If that is you, today,

   Remember always that your labors are not in vain.

   No, the One Who cares when even a sparrow falls

       knows all you do and all you’d long to do

   and He is the One Who lovingly places His Hand on yours

      giving you strength for the journey

           and joy in the midst of pain.

Yes, Happy Father’s Day, to all you who serve in a fatherly role.

God bless you and keep you

    And make His Face shine brightly upon you.

He sees. He knows. He cares.



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