Shining Moments

Apr 27, 2012

It was back in the days when hats cost only a few dollars and kids could walk freely without fear. Browsing some photos of Saugerties,New York I saw an old sign that reminded me of a time that my older brother and I went shopping.

Mother’s Day was fast approaching. Dave was 9 at the time and I was 7. We emptied our money jars on his bed and counted our nickels and dimes. Not very much we both agreed but enough to buy something very special for our Mom.

Dave was the adventurer and I was his faithful follower. How I loved those times of planning a secret surprise with him.

Making up some excuse we left home and walked the slate sidewalks to downtown Saugerties. The money jingled in our pockets as we walked.

Standing outside the 5 and 10 cents store we tossed ideas back and forth.

A book. Maybe a purse or fancy scarf. Nothing practical. No, not for Mother’s Day.

We walked together into the store and glanced all around.

It seemed like at the same time our eyes fell upon a red hat on display.

It was the most beautiful red hat. I looked at him and his eyes smiled in agreement.

Now if we only had enough money.

I worried as we waited for the clerk to come.

“May I help you?” she asked looking down at us.

“How much is that red hat?” Dave asked. I would have been much too scared to even ask.

She picked up the red hat and looked inside.

While we waited I tried to imagine my mommy wearing it to church. She would look the prettiest of all the ladies. I was sure about that.

Then the clerk walked back to us and mentioned the price that thankfully was within our means to pay.

As we walked the few blocks home that afternoon we were so excited.

The memory of her opening that hat box and the look of joy on her face remains with me today although this happened many, many years ago.

It shines in my memory as a time when I not only had the pleasure of planning a surprise with my big brother but also of how beautiful my mother looked that day.

Shining moments that brighten up our lives years after.

Gifts of God to cheer the heart and lift our spirits.

Life certainly has its difficult moments but look for

And hold onto those shining moments.


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