Shining Moments

Jun 23, 2012

There has been one place that continues to give me thousands of shining moments

  throughout the 30 some years I have lived here in Culpeper,VA.

Knakal’s Bakery.

We have enjoyed their special cakes

    at birthdays

      for adoption parties

         and ‘just because’ times.

From the time when Noelle was very young

    she and Papa would go in the bakery

      getting donut holes

           and more donuts

              and filled horns

                 and cupcakes.

So many delicious treats meet your eyes from the time you go in the door

   it is just plain hard to decide.

So today

    on our way to the Farmers Market

     we stopped in at the bakery.

Smiled at the friendly ladies waiting to serve us

    and selected some donut holes.

Like everything

   it’s not so much what we do or where we go

   it’s the people

     the meaning behind the surface.

For a few seconds I saw a black curly hair little girl

     and her Papa.

Yes, and then I saw Nana who used to enjoy frequenting the bakery

   while she was here on earth.

And my brothers and sister. Times gone by. Shining moments.

Everything is a metaphor…had you noticed?

Our God is so Loving He gives us places of pleasure to enjoy.

Delicious treats that add enjoyment along the journey.

So while we dine today on freshly picked corn on the cob

       and juicy homegrown tomatoes

my heart is also grateful for Knakal’s Bakery

      and their continued fine service over so many many years.

But most of all to our Lord Who showers  us with so much Love

    in so many ways.


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