Shining Moments

Jun 26, 2012

Memories of the trip to Hawaii my mom and I took continues to flood my life

   with shining moments

   but our experience at the Atlanta airport

      causes me still


             more than 30 years later

                 to smile and thank God.

Our plane landed in Atlanta

    where we needed to switch planes.

The huge Atlanta airport was overwhelming

    but we asked directions and proceeded to find

        the underground metro.

My Mom walked much slowly than I

    I was relieved when I saw the metro.

She went slowly up the steps

   while I followed carrying our bright green suitcase.

Like watching a movie in slow motion

   I can still see her walking slowly up those steps.

Hurry, I kept thinking.


But I didn’t want to alarm her. I knew that she was going as quickly as she could.

As she reached the top and entered the metro

   I squeezed closely behind being careful not to push her

      I was still carrying the bag.

We were the last ones.

But suddenly I felt the draft of air

   and saw the door closing on me

I pushed forward

    dropped the bag

        just barely getting in

          before the door closed and the metro began moving.

Knees shaking

   thinking what might have happened

I looked up at my mom who had turned around.

“Whew, that was close,” she said.

“Sharon, where is our bag?”

“I left it.”

“You did what?”

“The door was closing and I left it.”

As the truth sank in we both looked at each other and sighed.

“Well now what?” mom asked.

I had no idea.

   No idea at all. Honestly I was so glad that we both managed to get inside in time.

“Well, let’s pray,” I said. “God knows where it is.”

We got out at the next stop

    and moved on to our gate.

Oh, I imagine my mom was worried about it but she didn’t say any more.

But as we stepped into line to get on the next plane

    a man rushed up to us.

       holding the familiar green bag.

“This yours?” he asked. I couldn’t believe it.

In seconds he handed it over to me and disappeared into the crowds.

Thank you, Jesus,

    I whispered.

        Thank you!!!




        Shining moments all over the place.

           Once more showing me that He knows our every need

                 and nothing


                        is too hard for Him.

                              All I have to do is trust Him.


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