Shining Moments

Jun 27, 2012

Life is like a long run.

Filled with hills and unexpected turns.

    and so my thoughts were stirred again.

Early this morning Jenny and I went out for our run.

Only a few more days until the 4th.  

     We have talked about running the 5k

           practiced a few times.

Years and years ago I used to run regularly.

Early mornings you would find me

    happily running, kicking those miles.

I have never been competitive though.

Times don’t matter much

    Just enjoy the wind in my face and that feeling of freedom.

My runs became times of praying

     and planning.

Why I could outline a whole book while I ran those miles.

When Noelle was about 10

    she and I ran some races.

It was fun to see here cross the finish line


        satisfied to have done what she set out to do.

But that was years ago.

Somehow life got in the way



            less time it seems

But now Jenny is at that age.

“Would you like to run a race with me?”


“Not really.”

I do like the honesty of kids.

“Well we could just jog and walk it.”

More silence.

But days later she expressed an interest.

“I like being with you…so ok.”


What had I gotten myself into?

We ran the course for the first time a few days ago.

3 hills. Ugh.

But we did it. She andI.Passing the water bottle back and forth.

All the way. Start to finish.

Talking today as we ran

    my twelve year old reminded my of how important it is on a run

     to drink.

The more hills—the more need for water.

As if on cue we both looked at each other

     knowing what the other was thinking.

So that’s why we need God’s Word.

I am the Living Water.  John 7:37-39

Drink. Drink and drink some more.

There are times in life when I feel like the hill has been endless.

Thirsty and bone tired I have flung myself into His Loving Arms.

Sometimes Psalms. Or Proverbs. Or John. I just love John.

Other times I devour whole books pouring into those precious Words

    that touch my heart and satisfy my hunger.

Together we run, Jenny and I,

     uphill and down.

Talking and making memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.





  1. clpprbarth

    I will be cheering you on in my heart! It doesn’t sound like you’re doing it the walk/run way I did our half-marathon in May! You sound like you guys are running!!!! 🙂 It was a wonderful bonding experience with my hubby and daughter! Can’t wait to hear all about your 5K!

    • heartprintscoaching

      Thanks Sandy. I’ll need your cheers. Signed up yesterday so there’s backing out now. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


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