Shining Moments

Jun 29, 2012

You’re worth it!

Absolutely. No question about it.

Your value is beyond my ability language

      There was a time when I showed that to my sweet daughter.

She was about 4 at the time.


      Very sensitive.


One afternoon she worked hard making me a necklace.

I was touched when she gave it to me.

   String. Plastic letters on it saying ‘I Love Mommy’.

   Heart touching.

Immediately I went to put it on.

A bit tight as it went over my head

    but it fit.

Her eyes glowed as she looked at my wearing her newest creation.

Later when I turned to go into work

    she noticed the necklace

        still hanging around my neck.

“You still have on that necklace, Mommy,” she giggled.

  I must have looked funny.

“I certainly do and I will enjoy having it on all afternoon,”

       I said giving her a hug.

“Uh but what will people say?” she wondered.

Her worried eyes met mine.

“Well, I don’t know,

     guess they will think I have a special daughter.”

I wore that precious necklace with pride that afternoon

  and although some smiled

  that didn’t matter.

No, my daughter was worth it.

The love and time she put into the simple necklace meant everything to me.

That’s how God sees us.

We are worth it.

Lovingly He created us.

    Lovingly He watches over us.

       He takes joy in our creations and tenderly cherishes our simple efforts.

“You, my child,

       are worth it,” He whispers.

“That’s why I sent my Son to die for you!”



         and every tomorrow

              you are worth it.

Thank you, Father, for your incredible Love.


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