Shining Moments

Jul 6, 2012

Have you ever had a whacked out day?

    A day when things seemed to go wrong from beginning to end?

A day when the coffee cup spills…

   You receive a message telling you

        that you just made a big mistake…

And you can’t even renew your Norton protection on-line

Cause the internet keeps cutting off.

Or you hear from that one person?

A day when  up means down

   and bad looks good

       and never means sometimes

            and love seems sadly missing.

These are the days when I cling

    I truly cling to the Truth

         That God is Love

             And His Mercies are forever

That He is Present no matter what we see or can’t see

That He is greater than anyone

           or anything

                that comes upon us.

That nothing

    absolutely nothing can separate us from His Love.

       Romans 8:38-39.

As those words wash over my weary heart

   and sink deep within my soul

       I remember that day

            when I walked the long hall

               turned right into the tiniest of rooms

                 and met a large Russian nurse in white.

Into my longing arms she placed a little baby girl

   with eyes of brown and dark curly hair.

We were left alone in this room for what seemed like hours.

I marveled that God loved me so much to give me this precious baby girl.

And I began to sing

    Very slowly at first

        “Jesus loves me, this I know…”

               Oh I know it honey. I  really know it.

         “For the Bible tells me so.

           Little ones to Him belong”

           They are weak ….and so am I… Yes, so am I.

                 But He is strong.”

And while I danced with her in this small windowless room

   it was as if a chorus of angels joined with me.

“Yes, Jesus loves me.

  Yes, Jesus loves me.

   Yes, Jesus loves me.

   The Bible tells me so.”

And that truth holds

   No matter what kind of day we have.

He was. He is. He always will be

  The One Whose loves never fails.

Count on it, my friend,

Count on it.

And let your heart rejoice.



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