Shining Moments

Jul 10, 2012

It was cloudy when I arrived at the airport preparing

     to fly from Boston to Washington, DC.

Maybe the sun will break through, I thought.

   I hoped.

But that was not to be.

No, the weather in fact worsened.

As I walked the ramp to get on the plane I glanced outside a window and saw the rain.

Returning from a marvelous vacation in Maine was hard enough.

But the gloomy weather only added to my pain.

Within moments the plane moved and I prepared myself for take off all the while     mentally going over all the things I needed to do upon arriving home.

I looked again outside my window. Thick clouds covered the city making visibility difficult.

Wherever I looked there was darkness.

Our plane continued to rise high in the sky and in only a few minutes was up above the clouds.

My eyes were suddenly, surprisingly fixed on the sun shining

       through the window beside me.

What a contrast to what the folks in Boston were experiencing at the same moment.

High above the stormy weather

    the sun was still shining.



         Lighting the billowy white clouds all around us.

It taught me a lesson that I have never forgotten.

No matter what the weather down here might be

    up there, the sun always shines.

And it is also true

   that no matter what we are going through on any given day

      the Sun still shines.

God doesn’t change. His Love and Grace are ours

    day in

        day out.

His mercies are forever.

It is all too easy to feel down

         when all around us are problems and pain

    but He keeps gently whispering

        “Look up, my child.

               My Love for you is from everlasting to everlasting.”

“Look up to the Sun Who brings healing in His wings.

    Look up to my Heart and be at peace.”

So no matter what your day is like

open wide your heart to His Unfailing Love and Faithfulness.

The Sun is still shining.


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