Shining Moments

Jul 12, 2012

Silence can be frightening

   like when you call someone’s name and do not hear an answer

   or you call them on your cell phone

       only to be directed to voice mail again and again and again.

Silence can be difficult when you await that lab report

   or to speak with a doctor

   or an police man.

Silence can be scary and disturbing to your peace.

But silence can also be peaceful.

I found it so last night.

   Although I usually sleep well at night

    I woke about 4

       and tiptoed downstairs so as not to awaken anyone else

And there in the dark living room

   in the deep silence

    I sat and


Yes, I poured out my heart to the One I knew was awake.

As I prayed my heart felt strangely lifted,

   at peace



When I opened my eyes I saw the sky in the east beginning to grow lighter.

 Morning was coming.

Knowing that a full day lay before me I quietly crept up the stairs

    and crawled into bed to catch a few more winks.


   and yet a different silence.

A calm peaceful silence

   filled with the knowledge that my God was at work.


Providing and


Lighting the Way before me

No more wandering in confusion.

No, He had given His sweet assurance that everything was under His control.

Silence can speak different things to all of us.

But let your heart remember that He works in the silences of life

    When we see no change

     and we hear no news

      and it appears that after all our prayers are in vain.

He works for you

     in Love.

     People may let you down

        But Jesus changes never.



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