Shining Moments

Jul 13, 2012

There is a place I long to be; 

     a place where my heart yearns for

       my touch of heaven in this world.

York Beach,Maine.

The smell of the sea air

    the cry of the sea gulls,

       the feel of the sand between my toes

           a place where the hardest decision is what flavor of ice cream to order.


Many summers I have spent there with my girls.

No car

  or telephone

     or laptop

Just simple living.

Roast beef sandwiches at Goldenrod

    topped off with 25 cents worth of candy.

For me, it’s root beer barrels and fireballs.

Jenny loves those gummy worms

   and Noelle likes those sour gummy worms and nerd gumballs.

Sleeping with the windows opened wide

  listening to the sound of the surf.

Yes, a touch of heaven in this world.

I also long for heaven

  to see my Mom again and my big brother.

  to be with Jesus.

      Such joy cannot be expressed by human words.

And although I am not there yet

   I still can think

       and imagine

             all the wonders of that place.

Like my thoughts of going to York Beach

   the very anticipation energizes me on the journey

   and renews my hope

   that there is more to this life

     than what we can see and touch and hear.

Yes, there is so much more.

There is a place like none other

A place that makes my York Beach ,Maine look small in comparison.

A place where we will finally be Home.

Let the thoughts of Heaven cheer your heart today

   and give you strength for the journey.

   and hope and peace.

It will be worth it all, my friends,

   when we see Jesus.

Maybe today?



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