Shining Moments

May 1, 2012

She waited and waited for the letter to come. Yes, days after day she ran to the mailbox only to discover that it hadn’t come.

It was easy to become discouraged.

‘What ifs’ peppered her mind and plagued her spirits.


But behind the scenes God was at work. Patiently planning for her good.


In His Time

In His Time

He makes all things beautiful

In His Time



The waits in my life have left shining memories.

Many things I waited for as a young girl have long since lost importance.

They were the dreams of a young girl.

But some things I waited for finally did happen.

Becoming a mother! At 44.

But God was never slow.

My timetable was much too fast. It usually is.

But in His time, on Christmas Eve 1993 in the city of Borovitchie, Russia,

He brought it to pass. At long last I held in my arms the most beautiful little baby girl

  And I was a mother.


I’ve had other, very long waits, from getting my first pair of contacts at 21 to

waiting to get something published. But it’s those times of waiting that have shown me again and again

that God knows what is best for me. I can trust His Love.

You can trust His Love.


Are you in a time of waiting?

Does it seem like the time will never come to pass?

Be encouraged today.

Spring always follows winter.

After the dark long night, morning does come.

We can trust Him when we cannot see

    as much as a small child nestles close to his mother in peaceful sleep.

Your God knows your every need

   And you can trust Him.


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