Shining Moments

Jul 16, 2012

Rocking chairs have a particular fascination for me.

    From the time I was a very young girl

 I have enjoyed the gentle, rhythmical movement of a rocking chair.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

   All the time my thoughts coming into that soothing rhythm.

When I was a first grade teacher

  I had a blue rocking chair in front of my class.

At the beginning of the day

   and then at the end I would call my boys and girls

   to come up to the front.

 They would gather around me as I sat on that blue rocking chair

   and we would discuss the day happenings

     and I would read stories.

Stories that still live in my heart although it’s been many, many years.

I have a few special rocking chairs in my home.

First there is that small wooden rocking chair

    that Noelle used to sit in as a toddler

     and rock back and forth, back and forth.

Treasured memories from the past.

Then there is that bigger rocking chair that I used to sit in

   and rock my girls when they were ever so small

Oh how I loved those nighttime feedings.

   Shining moments from the past that brighten today.

But the rocker that sits in my bedroom

   beside the window where I write

   has a history all its own.

It belonged to my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother

   who died when I was a young child of four

and then to my dear mother

   and now to me.

To most people

   they would just see a small rocking chair

but I hear the voices of long ago

  and the lives of those who touched my life

and taught me about Jesus.

Back and forth. Back and forth.

One person at a time His Truth is passed on.

So gently, so quietly His Love wraps His Arms around you and me.

   drawing us closer to Him

       and closer to each other.

Back and forth, I rock these days.

Trusting that every promise of His Word is true.

Yes, we can trust it. We can stand on it.

You might enjoy this song. It’s one I enjoy listening to while I rock.

Every promise of His Word by Keith and Krystyn Getty

Back and forth.

    One day at a time.

He was my grandmother’s Hope

    my mom’s Hope

       He is my Hope

           and now my daughters’.

Is He Yours?

Together we stand on every promise of His Word.

You can trust Him, my friend.



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