Shining Moments

Jul 27, 2012

“How are YOU going to raise this strong baby?”

The tall Russian doctor stared down at me as I stood in the waiting room

   and for a few seconds my mind whirled with panic.

What did she mean? I was already wondering myself how I would raise her to adulthood

    but what in the world could this doctor possibly mean?

Was this another Samson?


Foolishness, I thought, pushing the idea away.

Now hadn’t God led me to this place from the beginning?

My eyes met the doctor’s piercing ones with determination.

I stretched my 5 foot 1 and ½ inch frame

   took a deep breath

    and spoke trying to sound confident.

“I will do fine,” I said.

If I had any doubts inside about the adoption

   I wasn’t going to change now.

The doctor nodded and turned away.

I stood there a few more minutes

   trying to understand what she had just said.


She was a strong baby?

My goodness, I thought,

    after so many years teaching first graders of different sizes and strengths

    I should be able to handle anything.

But then again……

The next time I held Noelle I looked at her carefully

    trying to assess any mysterious Samson like qualities.

She was small for her age

   but nicely shaped.

I couldn’t see biceps or anything to be concerned about.

But still….

After we came home to Virginia and life developed a routine

   I scarcely thought of  those unsettling words.

Until the day she cried. Really cried.

My, she had a voice that you could hear on the other side of town.

Maybe, you’ll be an opera singer

    I told little Noelle as I soothed her.

Maybe that was what that Russian doctor meant, I thought.

Well, the years have come and gone.

Today Noelle is a beautiful nineteen year old.

Strong? Absolutely.

She has deep convictions, firm resolves

    and the ability to stand her ground

    that is so refreshing in a world of passivity

        and following the crowd.

A little Samson in a very good way.

Difficulty parenting her?

No, not at all.

Looking back I wished I had known how I had nothing to fear.

God has given me all I have needed

   throughout the parenting journey.

In addition,

   He has given joy.

   So much joy it’s impossible to put into words.

We can trust Him.

Whatever He calls you to do

    He will supply you all your needs.

“But my God shall supply ALL your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Laugh away those fears and doubts.

Our God is greater.



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