Shining Moments

Jul 28, 2012

Tennis. Love the game.

Years ago I took lessons one summer. I had no idea what I was getting into.

Back and forth the ball went.

I swung my racket finding it much harder than playing the piano.

But I liked it.

Yes, it was the very first sport that I really got into.

Those lessons took me up to the competitions.

That’s when I dropped out. Never did like competing.

The years went by and when Noelle was young we used to hit the ball back and forth.

Run honey.

You can do it, I cheered.

It was never about how well we played the game. It was that we played.

Today Jenny plays too,

Back and forth that tennis ball flies.

We laugh and groan and play some more.

Life is alot like playing tennis, don’t you think?

Not about winning. No we all fail at times.

That’s just part of life.

But the key is to keep playing. Keep swinging. You’ll hit the ball again.

Children know what it is to live.

   When given half a chance they laugh and play

       entering into the game with all they’ve got.

But adults often become spectators to life

   making comments about how others are playing.

    winning or losing

    but not playing themselves.

The key to life is living it fully.

 Hitting that ball

    Whatever comes your way.

Swinging at it with all you’ve got

   and refusing to give up. Reminding yourself that the next ball

   just might be the one you hit.

Tennis involves playing with at least one;

   its not a solo sport.

Neither is life.

It takes learning to give and receive.

Understanding that everyone has strengths and weaknesses

   and using that understanding to work for you.

Well I just came back from playing tennis.

Smile. I might not be able to return those balls like I remember doing

   but it’s still a lot of fun.

Watching my two handle those serves is sure rewarding.

Adjusting to what comes their way




Pressing towards the mark.

Living it fully

   one day at a time. Focusing on what’s before you.

Tried tennis lately?



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