Shining Moments

Aug 1, 2012

It was an ordinary day in January 2003 when I got the call to return to Russia

  to complete my adoption of Jenny.

I excitedly packed my Lands End bags,

     made arrangements for Noelle’s care for when I would be gone

     gathered some of the new clothes I had bought for the special day

and met my brother in law at the airport.

Together we flew to Moscow.

Shining moments all around.

From Moscow we were driven to the orphanage in Kostroma.

 Words can not possibly describe my joy upon seeing this petite darling.

Did her face light up with joy?


Did she run to me showing her excitement at seeing me again?


Quite honestly she showed no signs of recognition or caring.

But that was ok.

I knew

  I sensed

      I understood a little of how extremely hard it must be

        inside the skin of the child to be adopted




When I adopted the first time

     my daughter was only a few months old

but the second time Jenny was two

    almost three.

I spoke to her in English

   embellishing my words with hand signals and lots of smiles.

On the final day there in Russia

    I took off her orphanage clothes

     replacing them with new,

          just for her,


She seemed to care less

 until she noticed the pair of little pink shoes that I had for her.

She immediately sat down on that  floor

    tore off those old brown shoes

     and quickly slipped her feet into the new shoes.

No Cinderella ever was happier.

Why her smile lit up the whole room.

Yes, those were precious moments that I hold close to my heart.

Moments that our Lord of Love so tenderly provided.

A few hours later we were on our way home.

Kostroma to Moscow

Moscow to Amsterdam.

Jenny never tired in that airplane.

Although I did and I prayed for her to sleep

   she stayed alert watching everything.

Amsterdam to Washington DC.

Landed and anticipating that moment when she’d place her feet on American soil.

Shining moments all around. She became a US citizen.

As we walked through the wide door leading to a major part of the airport.

  I saw the small hands of Noelle waving back and forth.

At the moment tears filled my eyes

   they still do as I remember it all.

   God’s gracious Love made it possible for me to bring Jenny home.

He provided her uncle to help us in so many ways.

He provided kind people all along the way.

He gave us the strength to deal with

    frigid weather,

    long train and plane rides

    weariness and colds

    language barriers

    and endless waits.

Our God

    revealed once more

     His Forever Faithfulness.

Half way around the world and back.

Dancing in her little pink shoes

   little Jenny entered a brand new life and our hearts

and we became a family.

Created by Him

   to praise Him and bless others.


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