Shining Moments

Aug 3, 2012

“Are you sisters?” she asked my four year old.

“Yes, we are sisters,” I heard my youngest daughter answer.

“No, but are you REALLY sisters?” she persisted.

Curiosity. Maybe.

 I knew what she meant.

Biologically speaking. Blood sisters.

And then my oldest piped in

   “We are now.” Both girls exchanged a smile. Happy.

I smiled observing how smoothly they had handled the question.

Adoption has given us an opportunity

   to discover so much about relationships.

Motherhood springs from not only the body

   but most important

   the heart.

I had not known

  until I adopted

  how deep those bonds go

  how much you can love a child

     created by God

     and birthed by another.

Love makes a way for hearts to attach,

   families to be created,

    and new relationships to grow.


Its so much more than simply living under the same roof.

It’s sharing

   and laughing.

It’s caring

  and helping.

It’s beauty shop times and homemade bracelets.

Playing dress up

   and whispering secrets.

Tender little notes passed back and forth.

Both born in Russia

    many, many miles from each other.

Sharing a common background

   and the same home

   same mom.

Sisters in the deepest way.

Adoption has enabled us all to



         and love

             knowing that hearts grow close over time.

God’s gifts abound as we learn to see people with His eyes

  and as we allow ourselves to think beyond our often narrow limits.

“Let the little children come to Me and stop keeping them away,” Jesus said. (Matt. 19:24) “because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people like these.”

Let’s reach out and mother and father the orphans

        Let’s take that step and be a sister

                                                or brother. Move into the need

and do something.

As we follow Him we will discover that it was His idea all along.

Relationships based on hearts knit together by love.



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