Shining Moments

Aug 4, 2012

She grew up in a difficult situation.

Deprived of love and nurturing, she focused on work. She discovered school was a place where she could excel. The rules were clear. Work hard. Receive applause.

One thing led to another and she went to teachers’ college, got her degree

   and landed a position in a rural school in upstate New York.

The first graders in her class loved her. Children always seem to know the ‘roses’ in life, don’t they?

Years after year she took these precious boys and girls who had never been to school

  and she poured herself into them.

She touched countless lives with her beauty.

Hidden but brightening up her corner of the world.

I’ve known many precious roses in my lifetime.

There names might never make the news.

No earthly golds for them

   but there value is beyond words.

Day after day

   they bloom

    adding value to others lives.


   many times

      these roses are surrounded

       by weeds, bushes that hide them from view.

Only the keen eye notices

   and God.

He always sees

       always knows

          always cares.

I’ve wondered sometimes why He doesn’t trim the surroundings

  making it possible for the rose to be seen.

Then I began to realize

    That special rose

       is His Treasure.

Blooming in His special garden. For His eyes.

Never fear

   If in the passing of life

    a rose has bloomed and then disappeared from view.

I’ve never forgotten this teacher

who taught across the hall from me my first year as a teacher.

What a difference she made in my life!

I think those special roses that bloom gloriously from their hidden place

   have a special reward in heaven.

So bloom brightly, my friends,

   no matter what your circumstances.

Bloom for Him. Fragrance your corner

   And hear Him gently whispering to you “I am well pleased!”


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