Shining Moments

May 3, 2012

I will never forget that horror of discovering I was on the wrong bus.

I was five at the time and had gone on the bus to attend Vacation Bible School for the first time. My older brother pointed out the number on the bus cautioning me to remember it.

Well I did. For a while. But with so many children and it being a new place, I must have gotten confused. All I know is that my brother didn’t get on the bus to ride home with me. And one by one the driver stopped the bus and other kids got off. Until it finally hit me. I was on the wrong bus.





Have you ever been lost in life? Maybe not physically lost as I was so many years ago. But lost in terms of simply not knowing what to do, which way to turn, how to get out of a situation.

What I didn’t know back then is that I was not alone.

No, even though I was surrounded by strangers, God was with me. And He was the one who used that driver to get me back to my own home that day.

Beyond all the people, God is alive and He knows your every need.

Whether it is a physical one. Or spiritual. Or emotional.

He knows and asks you to call out to Him.

Call onto Me and I will answer thee..(Jeremiah 33:3)

His Love will wrap itself around you giving you a future and a hope. His care

Will tenderly lift you and strengthen you each step of the way.


The fear I experienced that day stayed with me for many years. Scars.

But the joy of discovering that He provided for me shines brightly today like stars.


It’s not about being smart, or wealthy, or being famous.

No, life is about discovering the One Who loves you and calls you by name.


Call onto Him today and experience the joy of being found!

Let your panic turn to peace. And your fear turn to faith.

He changes everything.


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