Shining Moments

Aug 7, 2012

As she stood at the edge of the mat

   I felt as though my heart would stop beating.

No, I’m not thinking about Gabby Douglas.

No, it was my daughter.

Cute and petite in her gymnastics outfit.

Curly black hair.

I saw in my seat watching her

   feeling her emotions

   her fear.

Many times I have done things in public.


   playing the piano

     the organ


It was hard enough to be the one on the hot seat

  but this was harder

  much harder.

The crowd around watched my darling

    my more than wonderful girl

      (doesn’t every mother feel the same)

  as she stepped out on her right foot.

“Oh Lord,




   help her to remember her steps.”

She had practiced for weeks for this gymnastics event.

But would she

     in the front of all the strange faces

           all t he people

     would she remember?

“Lord, she’ll be devastated if she forgets,” I silently pleaded as I watched.

Cold hands.

   Lump in my throat moment.

And then

   she was off….

      a perfect routine of somersaults,

                  balance beam

                      and flips.


I jumped with excitement and clapped.

She had done well.

Remembered it all.

Then as I looked down at her from my place in the stands

    I saw her look up

       scanning the sea of faces



     until we met eyes.

Mother and daughter. Together. Forever.

Through all the joys

      and sorrows in life.

And right there at our side

   is  our loving Father.

Cheering us on…Watching..Caring…whispering to us

   again and again

“Do not fear for I am with you. (Isaiah 41:10)

Our perfect Parent knows just how much we can take

     how much risk to give

     teaching us all the time

         and giving us opportunities to learn.

When we succeed

     He is there.

And when we fail

     He is still there.

     lifting us up and helping us brush off the dirt.

Champions are made

  a little at a time.

One ordinary day after another.

Sweat. Discipline. Work.

Keep pressing forward, my friends.

Lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt

  and where thieves do not break forth and steal.

for where your treasure is

   There will your heart be also. (Matt.6:19-21)



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