Shining Moments

Aug 8, 2012

He bent over the water

    checking as if to see if it was just right for him.

Maybe some concerns that it would be too warm for his taste. It had been hot in Virginia

  the past few days.

I watched my tiny feathered friend as he took a long drink

   and then as if on cue

   he hopped into the bath and splashed to his heart’s content.

Joy splashed all over the place.


Impulsively I bought this bird bath a few weeks ago

  and oh what pleasure it has brought me.

Birds come to our yard

     tired and thirsty

    and drink

       and splash

       and frolic in the water. Such pleasure it gives me just watching them enjoy it.

The more I watch my bird friends,

     I begin to glimpse God’s daily care for each one of us.

You and I

We too get weary

      and dirty in the course of daily life.

We too get thirsty for refreshment. So very thirsty

But the things our eyes often see

   do not quench our thirst

    or cleanse us.

No, quite the contrary.

What we see often aggravates our thirst making it worse

   and increases our feelings of uncleanliness.

So where do we turn?

Where can our thirst be satisfied?

Where can we go to be cleansed and refreshed?


In the middle of my backyard stands a bird bath

    waiting to be used.

In the midst of an ordinary life

   He whispers again “But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” (John 4:14)

Like my dear feathered friends,

   I need to drink deep from His Words each day

   I need to bathe in the waters of His Truth

It’s not an option

  no it’s a necessity.

And how wonderful that our Father knows our every need

   and He provides the refreshment close to each one of us.

“Come to me,” He whispers again and again.

“Come to me.” His voice so gentle.

Does His Heart leap with joy when we drink from His waters?

Does He smile with pleasure when we are cleansed by the Living Waters?

I know He does….He dances over us with Love.

He promises to provide for all of our needs


   and He so faithfully does.

Are you weary today?

Drink deep my friend.

Drink deeply.

He is the Living Water that will always satisfy.

Joyfully splash to your heart’s content.





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