Shining Moments

Aug 9, 2012


Worn out.

Having that ‘can’t go another step’ feeling.

Every day I see folks so weary in life’s journey

    You see them too.

My thoughts wander back to a few years ago,

  nineteen years ago to be exact

  to the airport in Frankfurt, Germany.

There I stood with the heaviest of loads.

My newly adopted daughter was nestled in a pouch in front of me.

I held two heavy green suitcases in my right hand

   and another navy bag in my  left.

In addition in my left hand I gripped the straps of another weighty load.

The samovar.

I really shouldn’t have bought it

   but the moment my eyes fell on it as I walked through the store by Red Square

I knew that it would be something for my daughter to have one day.

A tangible reminder of the country where she was born.

But I hadn’t considered its weight.

I simply knew that somehow


                                     God would help me get it home.

But now as I stood in the airport I wondered.

Sweat running down my face

    Time passing and needing to get to my gate.

Worn with the long adoption journey.


   But watching and waiting for an answer.

Yes, God sent a man

    Whom I will never forget to scoop up some of my bags and get me to the gate in time

   And God also gave me a memory of His continual faithfulness.

No matter what we can trust Him.

The words of that familiar chorus come to mind

   “Got any rivers you think are uncrossable?

     Got any mountains you can’t tunnel through?

     God specializes in things thought impossible

      And He can do what no other god can do.”

Whatever your need is today

  remember that God specializes in ‘over your head’ ‘I can’t handle it’ situations.

He is more than able to handle anything you are dealing with….

Oh yes, He only waits for us to call unto Him.

“Call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you.” (Psalms 51:15)

Just watch

   He will.


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