Shining Moments

Aug 11, 2012

His eyes were downcast the last time I saw him

   and my heart was touched.

Life was already difficult for him and his wife

  and then a fire completely destroyed their home.

Gone. Just like that. In an instance all their earthly possessions


But life goes on. Have you noticed how quickly it goes?

  Practically pushing the victims to the sidelines



It had been a year since the fire.

I remembered their loss and wondered how they were doing.

Jesus knows all about our sorrows.

He will guide till the day is done.

“Let’s bake them an apple pie?”



We sliced lots of apples,

    rolled out the dough,

     and placed it all in a pie tin

     and into the oven.

Minutes later it was filling our home with delicious smells of cinnamon and sugar.

When I finally lifted the apple pie out and placed it on the counter

    our tummies were rumbling with hunger.

But the longing to reach out

   and try in some way to say ‘we care’

   was stronger than our own yearnings.

Wonder what they’ll say, we thought as we got into the car to try to find their present home.

Prayers for words and His timing.

There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus.

No, not one. No, not one.

It’s never easy just going to someone’s home

   But I didn’t have a phone number to call ahead.

No, all I had was the warm, right from the oven, pie.

So we walked up the sidewalk,

   nervous feelings

and knocked at the door.

I was relieved when she opened.

“We’ve just been thinking about you

    and baked this apple pie.”

Her eyes spoke volumes.

No words needed to be said.

Jesus knows all about our sorrows.

With joy we left knowing that it was His Time and His Love reaching

    through us.

So many people are hurting

    So many have lost their way.

Jesus needs us to reach out and touch their lives in some way

      any way.

Let them know that they are not alone.

Open my eyes

   and help me to see

   what is right there in front of me.

His Name is Love and He cares.




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