Shining Moments

Aug 16, 2012

“You can go to room,” the tall guard said to me in broken English.
I shook in spite of myself noticing his gun and the other guards around him there
at the airport in Frankfurt.
“But you cannot take her.” He motioned to my newly adopted daughter.
“She cannot leave here.”
At the moment it seemed as if my heart stopped beating.
I fumbled in my bag for all the paperwork I had proving that she was my adopted daughter.
I was scared.
Now what? We had come through so much.
So many hoops to jump.
And I was
exhausted beyond words.
I stretched my full 5 foot 1 ½ inches and looked at this guard.
“We stay together.”
Yes, if she had to stay in the main terminal all night
then I would too.
My eyes gazed out at the seating area.
It was certainly going to be a long night.
But God…
He knew
He saw
He cared.
Nothing is too hard for Him.
I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
I pulled my daughter’s body a little closer to me
all the while pouring my heart out to God.
Time seemed to stand still as the austere guard stepped back and consulted with the others.
Hushed voices.
Feeling their looks as I stood there seemingly alone with my child.
Please Lord. Help me.
He stepped towards me again and looked way down.
I held my breath as I kept my eyes on him.
All of a sudden he broke the silence with one word.
He waved me in the direction of the counter to get my room assignment.
“Thank you,” I said quickly taking a breath and turning to leave.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
It was not an easy night for us there in Frankfurt so long ago.
But God provided for all of our needs.
He met us right there at that place of seeming impossibility and fear.
God broke through the wall
not only the wall of their thoughts
but also the wall of fears of this new mom.
Shining moment.
Never to be forgotten day
the sea parted and we fled to our room
Safe in His Hands.
The truth is
we are always cared for
no matter what.
He knows our every need.
He knows
and loves us with an everlasting Love.
is too hard for Him.


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