Shining Moments All Around

Dec 2, 2013

christmasjoy123I thought that I was going to the Post Office to mail off some packages

to the two sweet girls we sponsor through World Vision.

But God had a different plan.

I thought that it would be a simple

go in

fill out some forms

pay for postage and then leave.

Instead it was walk in and see a need

share some encouragement

and come away filled with joy overflowing.

For the woman who met my eyes with her sad grey ones

was burdened and discouraged having recently lost her dad.

My heart beat heavy as I listened as she shared she  tragic story –

a tale of sadness and extreme pain. Family conflict and stress that is all too common today.

You are not alone, I shared.

He is with you!

Christmas angels singing in the background as I spoke His Good News.

Words that have meaning and power today just as much as they did so long ago.

Peace on earth

Goodwill to men!

He has come

He is here

Glorious Hope knowing that He is coming again.

You know what is the hardest? Her voice dropped to a whisper as she spoke.

I feel like such an orphan.

Don’t we all feel like orphans without Him?

But He has not left us as orphans. No, He has come to be with us and to give us life.

Her eyes met mine and we agreed to meet for coffee.

A few minutes of conversation on an ordinary day

and suddenly everything shone with brilliance and light brighter than any store.

Spread the good news

and let your discouraged world know.

Christmas joy is real

and lasting.

We are not alone.

Joy to the World

the Lord has come.

Let every heart prepare Him room.

Are you getting ready?







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