Shining Through The Gloom

Aug 5, 2022

Has grief held you fast in a pit where you cannot see God’s kindness?

It’s so easy for that to happen, isn’t it?

The pain.

The sadness.

The gut-wrenching sorrow .

And with the passing of time it is all too easy for our eyes to dim to any sign

of God’s kindness.

It happened to Naomi in the Bible. Ruth 1-4

Her sorrow was great. We can’t blame her for not seeing God’s kindness

in providing Ruth. Throughout the book we look for any words she might have of

praise and thanks for Ruth but they are not there.

No it wasn’t until we see her actions change

That we realize that she is thinking about the future.

No we can’t blame her at all

But I wonder if we too don’t sometimes hide from the light

Making it difficult for us to see God’s kindness

while we are grieving.

He’s always there.

Yes, right there where you are right now.

Maybe ask the Lord to open your eyes to His kindness.

Ask Him to help you see how He’s been there all the time.

Seek to be aware of His peace and presence.

Look for His touch on your life.

Doing that will help us to notice His Presence shining

through the gloom of life.

And what a difference that makes.



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