Shoes of Promise

Oct 21, 2013

5178_1096508691813_5325273_nI was looking for something else this morning as I pulled out the drawer

but my eyes fell upon a small pair of pink shoes and my heart skipped a beat with joy.

Shoes that were purchased in Kiev, Ukraine more than 12 years ago.

I had just left the orphanage after seeing a little girl with pretty blond hair.

“Yes,” I said when they asked if I would adopt her.

So they took me to the marketplace so that I could purchase clothes to fit her.

A pink jacket and matching pants.

Shirts and socks and a sweater.

And then my eyes fell on these shoes prominently displayed and I knew in my heart

that I had to have them.

Shoes that spoke of promise.

But the next day when I was driven back to the orphanage I could not enter.

No, for some reason, the adoption was called off.

Heart breaking moments to remember.

Back in my flat, I spread all those newly purchased clothes on the bed

and those pink shoes were in the middle.

Unanswered questions. Unspoken grief.  Heart broken with disappointment.

A few days later I flew back to the States only knowing that God had a Plan.

He knew my pain and walked with me over the next few months.

Those little pink shoes sat on my dresser as a constant reminder of His Promise.

Many months later evenst unfolded for me to travel to Russia to adopt a little girl.

Beautiful  in every way.

God’s chosen child.

I took with me that pair of pink shoes

and on the  day  I was to bring her home

I took them out of my purse

Just to see if, perchance, they would fit.

She sat on the carpet while I unbuckled them

and guided her tiny foot into one of them.

Cinderella perfect  fit. Shining moments all over.

Hearts overflowing that day

realizing again that God can always be trusted.

Delays do not thwart His Purpose.

Disappointments do not block the unfolding of His Time.

Beside me as I write are those precious shoes of promise

reminding me again

of God’s Faithfulness

all the time.

Allow the wonder of His Great Love to wrap itself around you today

No matter where you are

No matter how confusing your situation.

He will never fail you!

Amazing Love!

How can it be,

that Thou, my God, should die for me?





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