Singing In The Storm

Sep 2, 2015

It was a night that I will never forget for as long as I live.

Suddenly a snowstorm swept our region

sending massive amounts of snow

more than I had seen for a long time.

At first it was exciting as my two year old daughter and I

watched from inside the cozy warmth of our home.

But the snow kept falling and falling

mounting high on the sidewalks and streets

covering us in a world of whiteness and quiet.

The winds howled around the corners of the roof

and the trees outside swayed back and forth.

“Lord, help us to keep electricity,” I prayed shuddering as the wind blew hard.

No electricity meant no heat

and without heat our house would get very cold quickly.

After putting my little one to bed

I rocked in the old rocker –

the one that I sat on as I fed my baby girl  her bottle and dreamed dreams of her growing up.

The rocker creaked and I prayed

while the clock on the piano ticked away the minutes.

Then suddenly the winds howled with sharp fierceness

causing the lights to go off leaving us in darkness.

I sprung from the chair and began to gather some belongings.

There was no way that we could safely make it through the night staying there.

Upstairs I threw a few things in a bag and awoke my sleeping daughter.

“We’re going to have an adventure,” I said calmly so as not to frighten her.

“Come on, honey,” and I wrapped her in her pink snowsuit and hat.

The temperature was already dropping inside the house.

All we had to do was make it down the street a few blocks

to where Nana and Papa lived.

I held her tightly in my arms and opened the front door.

The snow was falling thickly and the winds were blowing.

You could not see your hand in front of you that night.

My baby girl looked out and then fixed her trusting eyes on me.

Into the strange whiteness I walked carrying my treasure

and a small overnight bag.

The snow was deep forcing me to go slowly as I worked to take each step

making a way where there was no way.

Suddenly I began to sing softly a familiar chorus

one that we often sang together.

All through the day

  All through the night

Dwell in His promises

   Walk in His light.

Step by step I plowed through the deep drifts


My heart held onto His promises of love and protection.

My heart clung to His promises of hope and peace.

Finally I made it out to the main street in front of our house

where there were some tracks of a vehicle that had gone through.

I laughed and spoke adventure to my child

all the while deliberately walking as quickly as I could

to get to my parents home.

Freezing winds blew and I pulled my scarf tightly around her body.

Icy tears trickled down our cheeks

but I kept on plowing through the deep snow.

Darkness shall flee at His command

All through the day and night we’re in His hand.

Minutes seemed like hours

but the reminders of His Presence strengthened me.

Finally I saw their home in the distance

and my heart lifted with thanks.

Coldness replaced with warmth

hugs and appreciation for their wood stove.

All the whilenoellie-8 deep inside a memory of walking down a snow blanketed road

holding my daughter

and singing.

An adventure

And though its been many a year since that snowy night

I find myself encouraged remembering His faithfulness.

My daughter?

Yes, she remembers it all too.


– All Through The Day by Ernie Rettino and Debby Rettino





    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Joy, for your kind, encouraging words. I deeply appreciate them. Blessings always.


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