The Key To Joy

Jan 26, 2012


I watched as the water flowed over the rocks making a delightful song of laughter.

Splashing, playful, joy-filled glee as the water rippled on its way.


I noticed a bird fly overhead and pondered the seemingly effortless way it soared. Free. Light. Graceful.  Riding the wind.


And then I turned and gazed at the little girl walking beside her Mommy.

Hand in hand. Safe. Secure. Smiling.


The water, the bird, and a small child.

Each finding their own way in our world. Each showing the way to a life of peace and joy.

Surrender to the moment. Relax and give way. Our hand in His.

Trusting. One step at a time.


God watches over each one of His own. Guiding, protecting, providing for each need.

A life without worry. The way we were meant to live.

It spoke to me this morning. His Heart to mine.

Now my heart to yours.