The Key To Joy

Jan 26, 2012


I watched as the water flowed over the rocks making a delightful song of laughter.

Splashing, playful, joy-filled glee as the water rippled on its way.


I noticed a bird fly overhead and pondered the seemingly effortless way it soared. Free. Light. Graceful.  Riding the wind.


And then I turned and gazed at the little girl walking beside her Mommy.

Hand in hand. Safe. Secure. Smiling.


The water, the bird, and a small child.

Each finding their own way in our world. Each showing the way to a life of peace and joy.

Surrender to the moment. Relax and give way. Our hand in His.

Trusting. One step at a time.


God watches over each one of His own. Guiding, protecting, providing for each need.

A life without worry. The way we were meant to live.

It spoke to me this morning. His Heart to mine.

Now my heart to yours.


  1. bbrunophotography

    Sharon, this is beautiful. (Why do I picture this in a book of watercolors?)
    I sat here and smiled after reading it because I had just gone over notes from a class I’m taking with women from our church on Sunday morning. We studied “anguish vs. joy” and how God uses both. Five key points I know you would enjoy. Want me to email them to you?

    Your words always hit home. God is directing them perfectly. Bless you, friend.

    • heartprintscoaching

      For some time now, Bonnie, I have pictured this book with a few writings and lovely paintings or photos. Yes, please send me the five key points. There is deep truth here and His call is for us to go deeper still. Thanks for your kind words.


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