The Key To Unbelievable Change

Feb 9, 2016

It was many years ago but I still can see her twinkly eyes and radiant face as she spoke to me that day.

The change in her was absolutely remarkable. But let me tell you her story.

Her life had always been tough.

Children to raise. Sick husband. Mounting bills.


I happened to see her at the library and noticed the lines of care on her face,

the downcast look, the stooped shoulders. She looked much older than her years.

We talked back and forth – I listened to her hard hear but much harder to live story.

Before we parted I mentioned that I would be praying for her.

Just that.

So simple.

I would pray.

As I went about my days for weeks and months after,

I prayed –

asking the Lord to strengthen her and give her more support.

Every time she came to my mind I prayed.

Six months or more passed.

Then one day I ran into her.

A God moment you could call it.

There she stood before me. Tall, sparkling eyes, colorful outfit.

For a few minutes I didn’t know what to say. The change was that remarkable.

But I can still her hear voice as she spoke to me that day.

“It was my focus. I needed to get my focus right.”

Nothing really was any different

but she was.

“I began to see that I had been spending all my time focusing on my problems.

Instead I began to focus on my Lord and His faithfulness.”

There was more to our conversation that day that time does not permit me to share

but I find myself smiling as I write this.

Our God promises to renew us every day –

to give us strength for the journey

and always hope.

This woman had refocused herself and was now alive. Oh I’m sure that as she refocused she began to gain support and see more options.

So that now she was fully alive and growing stronger.

Answered prayer.

God’s faithfulness.

Everything changes.

Staying young and fruitful. Possible.


The righteous will flourish like a palm tree,
they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; Psalm 92:12beauty