The Love Letter

Jan 14, 2014

DSC01752 Just the difference of perspective

a slight change in how we think about things

changes …  everything.

I hunger to do it every day.

Well wouldn’t you?

Why if you knew that someone loved you and had sent you a love letter

a very special love letter filled with directions, specific directions

and most of all

words of love for you.

Well wouldn’t you rush to read it

every day – eagerly, hungrily?

I would and I do.

For hidden between the worn pages of my treasured Bible (His Love Letter)

I find those words that mean so very much.

So when I heard the words “I must read the Word.”

My heart reached out without even thinking and whispered “His Love Letter to you.”

In an instant her expression changed.

Duty became delight.

Labor became eager love.

An obligation was transformed into desire.

It’s always that way when our eyes begin to open to the slightest truth.

There is so much to see

and to understand.

Yes, it will take me a lifetime and even then

I will have only just begun to grasp the wonder of His Love.

But this I know

He’s left us His Love Letter

Words written in red for each one of us to know

That His Love keeps reaching

And no matter where you are today

No matter how heavy your load

in that old Book there are hidden jewels only waiting for us to find them.

Words that make that bring comfort on a cloudy day

and give wisdom when we just don’t know what to do.

Word that encourage and remind us that we are never, never alone.

Words that breathe life into the darkest situation.

His Love Letter –

for me

and for you.


  1. Joy Lenton

    Such a wonderful word of encouragement! How blessed we are to have the Father’s Love Letter written out for us and seen in the poured out offering of Christ’s blood. Thank you, Sharon 🙂 xx

    • SharonBrani

      Yes, Joy, we are so richly blessed. Thank you for your kind words. :)xx

  2. Bonnie

    No matter how many times we read His love letter, God makes it fresh and timely, as if we’re reading it for the very first time. So, so true.

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Bonnie, for commenting. I love your words ‘fresh and timely’. You are so right. It amazes me how what I read each day seems to perfectly fit my needs. How great is His Love!


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