The Other Path

Feb 20, 2012

Life is made of countless choices. Day after day. Peace is all too often lost when we fail to live and passively accept routine and ordinary.

This morning I awoke with a winter wonderland outside my window. Snow clung to the branches of the trees. Covered my blooming primroses and daffodils.

The child in me awoke and I longed race outside and play.

But it’s Monday. And Monday means work, schedules, appointments, homeschooling.

Monday means washing, writing, calls to make and an endless list of tasks.

I wrestled longing to push away from the necessary

  To do the unusual.

My heart yearned to throw out the plans and cease the day.


Could I afford to take the time?

The real question spoke even louder. Can I afford to not?


A boondoggle. That’s what we called them growing up.

Doing the unexpected. How I loved taking the different road home.

Suddenly stopping for ice cream on the way home.


Riding to the nearby park with my youngest I admired the beautiful newly fallen snow.

Suddenly I felt years younger. Responsibilities and decisions evaporated.

And for a few minutes we entered a winter wonderland.


Why is it we hesitate so much?

Nothing is really that important that we regularly deny ourselves the sacred moments of nature.

As we walked the trail around the park I knew that I had made the right choice.

Peace abounded.

The music of the rippling brook filled the air with song.

Melting snow dripped and with it my weariness.


Yes, today I took the other path and I’m so glad I did.

Look for the other path in your day. Grab the moments.

Life becomes living as we marvel in the sacred.

Holy ground.


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